Reuben Calzone

Reuben Calzone

This is possibly our favorite part about making Corned Beef… Leftover Reuben Calzone!
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Course: Dinner
Cuisine: Irish
Keyword: calzone, leftover corned beef, leftovers, reuben
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 40 minutes


  • 1 lb Pizza Dough
  • Thousand Island Dressing
  • 3 Swiss Cheese Slices
  • 2 cup Leftover Corned Beef
  • 1/4 cup Pepperoncini or Pickles
  • Sauerkraut
  • 1 Egg, Beaten
  • Kosher Salt
  • Fresh Ground Black Pepper
  • Caraway Seeds


  • Preheat oven to 350F
  • Chop the leftover corned beef into small quarter to half inch chunks.
    Chopped Corned Beef for Reuben Calzone
  • Julienne your pepperoncini or pickles. (We like the pepperoncini because it adds a bit of spicy-ness to the meal.
    Julienne Pepperoncini for Reuben Calzone
  • Your pizza dough should be rolled out to 1/4 inch thickness in a nice 9×12 (or so) rectangle. This is why we use the Wewalka. It's already set up this way and is a really good dough that browns up nicely.
    Reuben Calzone Pizza Dough
  • Spread the dressing liberally on the dough making sure to leave at least an inch on each end and 2 inches on the sides free of dressing.
    Reuben Calzone With Thousand Island Dressing
  • Layout your sliced Swiss Cheese over the dressing.
    Reuben Calzone With Swiss Cheese
  • Layer your corned beef over the cheese.
    Reuben Calzone With The Grand Corned Beef
  • We actually place another layer of cheese over the corned beef (but no pic here)
  • Add an even layer of Pepperoncini or pickles.
    Reuben Calzone With Pepperoncini
  • Add the final layer of sauerkraut.
    Reuben Calzone With Sauerkraut
  • Time to cut the dough. Starting no closer than about a half inch from your calzone stuffing, cut diagonal slits along the sides. Each slit should be about an inch wide and you should change the direction of the slices at the mid point. Note: Make sure you have the same number of slices on each side.
    Reuben Calzone Before The Wrap

Wrap the Calzone

  • Pull each end up and over the stuffing.
    Sausage and Peppers Calzone - Weaving
  • Starting at one end, alternate, top to bottom, pulling each dough slice over the stuffing, layering the bottom slice end over the top slice end.
    Sausage and Peppers Calzone - Weaving
  • This is a good time to move the calzone to whatever baking surface you're going to use. We use parchment paper on a cookie sheet for baking, but you could use a pizza stone if you want. It's important to NOT grease the surface.
    Reuben Calzone All Wrapped Up
  • Brush the beaten egg over the top and sides of the calzone.
    Reuben Calzone Egg Washed
  • Sprinkle salt, pepper and caraway seeds on top (to taste).
    Reuben Calzone Going In To The The Oven
  • Place the calzone in the oven for approximately 30 minutes, or whenever it gets nice and golden brown.
    Reuben Calzone Fresh Out Of The Oven
  • We like to slice the calzone into multiple slices of about and inch and a half each, but you can do this however you want.
    Reuben Calzone Sliced
  • Serve with spicy brown mustard and enjoy!
    Reuben Calzone