Scotch Eggs Sliced

Air Fried Scotch Eggs

This is great as a HEARTY appetizer or for a wonderful brunch.
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  • 1 Air Fryer


  • 6 hard boiled eggs, peeled
  • 1 lb italian pork sausage

The Batter

  • 1 cup all purpose flour
  • 4 lg eggs lightly beaten
  • cups panko bread crumbs
  • tsp Kosher salt divided
  • tsp fresh ground black pepper divided


The Batter

  • Mix the flour and a tsp each of the salt and pepper and place in a large flat deep dish (we used pie backing dishes for each of the batter ingredients).
    Mix the Panko bread crumbs and 1½ tsp each of the salt and pepper and place in a large flat deep dish.
    Place the lightly beaten eggs in a large flat deep dish.
    Batter Ingredients for Scotch Eggs

Make the Scotch Eggs

  • Roll the eggs in the flour mixture.
    Hardboiled Egg Rolled In Flour
  • Divide the sausage into 6 equal sized balls (about 2⅔ oz or 75 g), then flatten them into thin patties on parchment paper, then place the eggs on top of each of the patties.
    Flour Rolled Egg on Sausage Patty
  • Pick up each of the patties and work the sausage meat around the egg making sure to surround the entire egg and bring the edges of the sausage together to form a ball of sausage around the egg.
    Scotch Eggs Before Battering
  • One at a time, roll each sausage ball in the flour.
    Scotch Eggs Rolled In Flour
  • Then dredge the sausage ball in the egg mixture, coating fully, and allow the excess egg to drip off the ball.
    Scotch Eggs Rolled in Flour and Eggs
  • Then roll the sausage ball in the panks bread crumbs making sure to coat the entire ball.
    Scotch Eggs Rolled in Flour, Eggs, And Panko
  • Set each of the balls back on the parchment. Once all 6 balls have be through the cycle, dredge each one in the eggx and rool in the panko one more time and return each ball to the parchment paper.
    Battered Scotch Eggs
  • Coat the air fryer basket with your favorite frying oil and then spray the sausage balls all over as well.
    Preheat the air fryer to 390°F (on air crisp, or air fry mode).
    Place as manu sausage balls as will fit in the basket making sure to allow plenty of space for air to flow around the balls.
    Cook for 6 – 7 minutes and flip the balls and cook for 6-7 minutes more. Checking to make sure the balls are a deep brown. This is important to ensure the sausage is cooked through. If you're worried about the sausage, place an instant read thermometer about ¼ inch into the ball and check the temperature.
    Scotch Eggs After Air Frying
  • Serve with whatever dipping sauce you'd prefer. We use the Creole Muster Sauce that accompanies our Malibu Chicken Recipe.
    Scotch Eggs Sliced

I’ve always loved Scotch Eggs and found a recipe on All Recipes that I made a minor mod to and gave it a shot. Really wonderful tasty treat.

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