Either You Like Bacon or You’re Wrong

Introducing, the Recipes of Joe Spinoza!

If you’re looking for a Food Blog, this ain’t it. This is more like a Recipe Vault. It’s the nature of the net that sites come and go. When they go, they’re gone. Since Food Blogs are subject to the same behavior we decided to create this site as a place to hold Joe’s favorite recipes without the fear of losing them if and when the site they’re on disappears.

Some of the recipes you’ll find here are originals, some are not. We try to give attribution to the recipes that aren’t originals at the bottom of each post, and some of those recipes have been changed minimally, or moderately.

This means, in the interest of full disclosure, this isn’t one of those “blog” recipe sites where you have to read a 5 page story about how the recipe was invented and how it evolved into the masterpiece you see before you. Nope. Just recipes. Recipes Joe likes.

So bear with us, Lisa and I, while we play with our food. Who knows, you just might find something in these pages that works for you and yours as well. It’s meant to be a spot where we can put stuff that we like.

If you enjoy it, then great. If not, then we’re always open to constructive criticism, so comment away!

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